Driving growth through customer centricity

  • Prof Dr Koen Tackx is the Director of this programme. He will discuss how to create and capture value and how to manage your product portfolio.
  • Prof Dr Frank Goedertier is Head of the Consumer Marketing, Retail & Branding cluster. He will share his expertise on branding & communication with you.
  • Prof Dr Philippe Baecke is an expert in Business Analytics and Big Data.


Short Description of the course

Customer centricity can lead to more satisfied customers, increased loyalty, higher revenues and a more profitable company. In this executive programme, you will experience what you need to define a truly customer-driven strategy and to execute it by focusing on these 5 challenges:


  1. How to create solutions your customers truly value?
  2. How to define the most effective customer journey?
  3. How to organise for customer centricity?
  4. How to capture higher profits from your customer orientation?
  5. How can (big) data enhance all of the above?


course Programme / detailed overview

Module 1: Customer-driven innovation

  • How to connect to your customers during the innovation process
  • Developing products and services for the wider customer needs
  • Co-creation best practices from product and service industries


Module 2: Better customer understanding

  • A 360 degree customer view? Where do you start?
  • From customer data to customer insights: improving marketing decision-making
  • Personalising communication and marketing campaigns using predictive analytics


Module 3: Customer Journey Thinking

  • Learn and exercise the essential questions and approaches to conceptualise your business from a customer decision journey perspective
  • Gain insights into customer psychology that offer deep-dive perspectives for applying your customer journey thinking, and that can enable you to be a game-changer in your customer approach
  • Learn how digital technologies can be used to generate ‘value for the customer’ and ‘value for the company’ simultaneously
  • Experience how digital technology can be used to create a competitive advantage in ‘how’ you bring a given product/service to the customer
  • Be inspired by real-life examples of successful customer journey approaches driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Augmented Reality, etc.


Module 4: A customer & innovation-focussed culture

  • How to identify & overcome cognitive cultural patterns in organisations
  • How to turn boredom, resistance and protection into customer curiosity, awareness and thrill
  • How to fly on the wings of surprise, discontinuity and intuition


Module 5: Capturing value through innovative pricing

  • Defining a pricing strategy in line with your company objectives
  • Maximising the value of the interaction with your customers
  • How start-up pricing can inspire established companies


TARGET students
  • Senior and mid-level professionals in Marketing & Sales, Strategy, Service development and R&D
  • Highly experienced executives in Human Resources, IT and other functions
  • Teams from the same company to create a common vision are welcome
  • Both product and service organisations in either B2B or B2C


Learning outcomes
  • Focus on bringing value for your customers
  • Identify how to capture profits for your organisation
  • Analyse the customer journey within your organisation
  • Organise for customer centricity in your company
  • Evaluate the impact of (big) data analytics on customer relationship management

4 days

Planned dates

31 May – 3 June 2021

+ 4 October 2021 *


* the data may still change




€ 3995 (excl. 21% VAT)

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